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Info About Two Year Extension After Expiry Date

The Institution of Engineers(India) offering 6 years validity of Institution ID card from the date of registration for both T and ST member of the institution , if any T or ST member unable to clear section A or B examination within 6 year then those member can apply for two extension according to rule of extension.

Candidates switched over to revised scheme in Section A/Section B, during the stipulated period in 2005, either on payment of Rs 400/- or having no subject exemption in old scheme up to and including Winter 2005 examination, are not eligible for two-year extension.
Candidates in transitory block, ie, candidates in old scheme secured exemption in one or more subjects in Section A/Section B, appearing in the examination by selecting balance subjects from the revised scheme, are only eligible for two-year extension for examination registration. Such candidates, if unsuccessful in passing Section A or Section B examination with expiry of six-year term in 2008, shall only be eligible to get extension for two-years, ie, for four consecutive examinations with effect from Summer 2010 examination. Six-year period shall be counted for Section A candidate from the date of his election as T/ST member and membership number is higher than T 139540 / ST 415635 and lower than T 141290 / ST 431536. Six-year period shall be counted for Section B candidates from the date of passing Section A Examination, excluding the minimum period required for completion of Project Work, ie, candidates who passed Section A Examination in Summer 2002 or in Winter 2002 should only apply for extension of time limit for examination registration.

Candidates eligible for extension of time limit for examination registration will receive the Application Form for Extension of Time Limit for Examination Registration with Format of Identity Card from Headquarters of the Institution well in advance. Interested candidates should return the Application Form, as received by them, duly filled-in in all respect, along with a demand draft of Rs 600/- (US$ 60 for overseas candidates) drawn on ‘The Institution of Engineers (India)’, Kolkata latest by January 31, 2010. In case address of the candidate, as recorded with the Institution, is changed, the same should be mentioned with Pin Code number in the application on the space provided for, and a separate demand draft of Rs 125/- (US$ 10 for overseas candidates) should also be enclosed along with the application. Late receipt of such applications will not be entertained.

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