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IEI-ASME Meeting at NDRF

IEI-ASME Meeting at NDRF

The Institution of Engineers (India) is pursuing various initiatives to enhance the Indian Engineering fraternity’s contribution to global development programmes by building strong international collaboration with international professional societies.

Dr. Julio C Guerrero, President, American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) and Members of its Board of Governors met IEI President, Dr. L V Muralikrishna Reddy and the IEI team on Wednesday, 28 October 2015 at National Design and Research Foundation, Bengaluru.

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The IEI and ASME explored opportunities for collaboration with in areas of mutual interest including Standards and Certification; Power and Energy; Design and Manufacturing; Research and Development amongst others with the objective of finalizing an Enhanced Implementation Plan of the existing Memorandum of Understanding between the two Professional Bodies. The discussions were centred on modalities to expand the opportunities for international exposure by participating in the work of standards; and networking with innovators who are developing emerging technologies that can help regional industrial developments.

How To Start Study For AMIE ?

Hoe to Study For AMIE


 More than 90% people are doing AMIE with their job and most of them are ST of AMIE with your current job is a tough task.we also know that there is no any shortcut for AMIE so you have only one way i.e. whatever time you have utilize it for AMIE study.


Some Best Way way to study for AMIE are as follow.

1. First thing to be stored in your mind that there is no any shortcut for success same way for AMIE if you want to clear AMIE within short span of time then consistent study is must.

2.  As we know most of the AMIE aspirants are doing AMIE with their job so try to make Make a delicate balance between AMIE study and your job and try to study daily minimum two hours.

3. For section A student they first take easy subject like Design and manufacturing and Society and Environment and score good grade to get exemption in touch subjects like material science and computing and Informatic , if candidate feels material science and computing and informatic is tough tough .

4. If you are unable to prepare for 4 subject then prepare for minimum 2 subject such a way that you must clear those subject with good grade in any condition.Good grade will help you to get exemption in touch subjects .

5.For recommendation of books i want to say use those books for a subject which you can understand easily because clearance of concept is very important also take advice from your friend regarding this especially those friend who have already cleared those papers

6. Syllabus of AMIE is so vast so Study for AMIE with a consistency without this you can not complete your syllabus.

AMIE being a course structured to suit and facilitate the systematic studying patterns of the student, it is very much advised that the student commence studying, making notes and keeping in touch with the curriculum of the program from the day of enrollment in the program. Employed students will benefit to a greater extent if they spare a considerable time of the day for the studying and making notes and make use of the study material provided through their respective correspondence course. This will cut down on their cramming time as they will have a significantly lower amount towards the closer of the examination to study in great depth and time.

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It is also a chance for the students who are currently following the three year diploma course at the Poly Technic or currently following any other similar course and wishes to enroll for the AMIE at a later stage in their life to make use of a correspondence course in order to keep in par with the study material. Such students could join for membership at AMIE once they obtain the pre requisite qualification but in the mean time they could follow the correspondence course by applying for that during the registration period. This is a point that all aspiring AMIE students should take in to consideration as once you register for the course and then wait to take the examination directly it will leave you with only a very sort time period to study and cram for the examination as the registration process and confirmation of the registration alone takes close to a period of three months.

AMIE degree Approval in India and Abroad

Institution of Engineers is the oldest Professional Engineering body in our country .which was found in year 1920 and Incorporated by Royal Charter in 1935. Institution of Engineers has been collaborated by all big engineering organization of the world.( Click Here)
Degree of Institution of Engineers has been recognized by HRD ministry govt. of India and also with All India Council of Technical Education (AICTE). A AMIE ( AMIE is now GradIE) degree holder is eligible for all type of state and central government job. AMIE degree holder can also take higher education by going abroad.

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Advantages of AMIE over other available program

Advantages of AMIE degree are as follow

1. Eligible for all type of government job State as well as in central government.

2. Eligible for GATE entrance Exam to study M.E. or M.Tech in IIT, NIT and other engineering institutes .

3. Eligible for higher study in abroad.

4. Earn and Learn at a same time and enhance your industrial knowledge while learning.

5. freedom to Select your desired engineering branch.

How To Become Chartered Engineer From IEI ?

 What is Chartered Engineering? 
The Charted Engineers are worldwide recognized engineer who are free to work in any country because of high recognition. Engineering degree of charter Engineer is a global degree or in other word we can say that it is a common platform for worldwide engineer.

Eligibility Criteria for Chartered Engineer

Any Life Corporate Member of the Institution of Engineers (India) can designate himself as a Chartered Engineer (C Eng).
A special certificate specifying as Chartered Engineer ( C Eng ) can be obtained on payment of Rs. 5000/- only (for applicants from India / Nepal) and US$ 500 only (for applicants from other countries). This is applicable only to the Members who have paid Composite Subscriptions / Life Compounding fees in full.

However, Corporate members already in possession of Chartered Engineer Certificate applying for the same after upgradation / transfer of membership or more than once for any other reason, the fee will be Rs. 2,000.00 (for applicants from India /Nepal) and US $ 200 (for applicants from other countries). Such Corporate Members should apply with a copy of existing Chartered Engineer Certificate.
The proforma application for Chartered Engineer Certificate is available at our website (Click here).

How To Apply For Charter Engineering from CITY and GUILDS LONDON?

Examination for Chartered Engineering is conducted by ENGINEERING COUNCIL EXAMINATION of CITY AND GUILDS LONDON (Click Here).

For registration to ENGINEERING COUNCIL EXAMINATION contact your nearest British Council Library.
For location of British Council Library
Log on


contact fallowing address of CITY GUILDS LONDON

Dr. Sabina Pillai
1206, Tower B,
Signature Towers
South City 1

How to Become Professional Engineer after AMIE ?

The Institution of Engineers(India), the largest multi-disciplinary professional institution of engineers, had been certifying Professional Engineers(PEs) for over a decade. With increasing globalization and trade in services, enabling free movement of professional across the world, the necessity of engineers acquiring international level certification has become inescapable. The Institution of Engineers(India), responding to the requirement and in service of engineering profession, has modified system and procedure of " Certification of Professional Engineers" in line with international norms and has obtained provisional membership of the Engineers Mobility Forum(EMF). The Professional Engineers so certifies to the international level and placed on international Register after due process, would be eligible to practice their profession internationally without additional scrutiny of verification beyond what is applicable to domestic engineers in the receiving countries.

Why professional Engineering?
The certification of an engineer as a Professional Engineer (PE) recognizes his professional capability and competence. The Professional Engineers certified as per international norms would be free to practice the profession in other countries like the UK, Canada, Japan, Australia, etc. without any additional checks beyond those applicable to the local engineers in those countries on Institution's attaining full membership of the EMF.

Eligibility Criteria for a become a Professional Engineer:

1. Recognized bachelor's degree in engineering or equivalent.
2.Minimum seven years' professional experience.
3.Minimum two years' professional experience in significant engineering activity.
4.Satisfactory level of Continuous Professional Development(CPD).
5.Membership of a recognized professional institution or society.
6.Good character and commitment to the code of Ethics.

Download the application form for Professional Engineering by clicking on below Link.

The Assessment Examination is an integral part of the assessment of applicant for certification as a Professional Engineer. The examination standard is above BE level covering expected professional engineering experience. The examination would be held online at the identified Centers of the IEI and other professional institution across the country.
They would be held in two Modules: 1 and Module 2. The Module 1 is common to all, comprising of 40 question of 1 mark each with duration of 1.5 hours.

For more information about Assessment of Examination click on following link.

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For Professional Engineering
Engineering is a profession that puts scientific knowledge to practical use. Professional Engineers, in the pursuit of their profession, affects the quality of life of all people in the society and the quality of all sectors of the economy. therefore, ethics are fundamental to the values of the profession. Accordingly, the services provided by professional and consulting professional engineers should adhere to a code of the ethics while dealing with the public, client, employees and the associates.

The 'Code of Ethics' aims at maintaining high standards of personal and professional conduct, developing professional competency and integrity, ensuring ethical conduct in fulfilling stability to the society, the nation and the global community. It is mandatory that all Professional Engineers(PEs) conduct their professional practice and their individual behaviour in an ethical manner.

For more information click on following link

How to Write Answers For AMIE Exams?

Exams are process of judgment . it is a judgment about your knowledge .it is a process to express your knowledge to examiner .
About examination Shakespeare says that " Examination is not an art of knowing but it is an art of showing"
from above sentence it is clear that if you have much more knowledge but you do not know the art , How to show it? then i am sure that your knowledge is useless.

I saw many student in my life who are studying very hard but still getting less marks or insufficient marks in their results . it might be possible because of fallowing reason.

1. Poor handwriting
2. Bad presentation of Answers
3. Solve question in hurry and make mistake in easy question as well.
4.Not maintain answers sheets according to examiner i.e. " first impression is last impression"

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Brief Info About How to prepare for exams?

Some important tips to write examination paper to get good marks.

1. First thing is to be stored in your mind i.e. according to examiner point of view '' first impression is last impression " when you are getting question paper in examination hall then read question paper for 20 minutes and do not write anything . select the question or group which you can solve fully, fir st make judgment that which group is going to easier to you .
if first few question of your answers sheet are perfect then examiner not only give you good marks but also psychologically put positive impression regarding you, this will helpful to you to get good marks in other answers of question.

2.Second thing which is most important is to write good answers i mean good presentation of you answers. a good presented answers put positive impression on examiner regarding you. good presentation of answers mean " underline the important word with colour pen "(except red pen) . if you are giving any formula make it in a box.when you are solving any numerical close final answer in a box.
if you use above technique then examiner will take less time to check your answers sheet above technique definitely put positive impression on examiner.

3.Third thing is to solve the question in a sequence and in a proper manner . solve a answer in such a way that examiner should not feel any difficulty to check your answer sheet. do not solve answer in irregular way like group A Q(1) answer on first page and Q.2 answer on last page. if any question is difficult and time consuming then leave proper space for that question and go ahead to solve other question.

4. arrange your time to solve group question according to that you should get proper time to solve group C question . i saw many student after exam saying that" i left C group question because i did not get proper time for it." for clearing of any subject C group marks are very important because C group is scoring group.

5. Do not try to make fool to examiner because they are Godfather for us or for AMIE exams. if you are unable to solve any question leave it but do not write anything else.
before solving any question first read any question carefully and understand what question is appealing and write the answer in that manner.
Do not write answer like history always write answer with point. give revent and perfect answer according to question. always make graph and diagram right hand side of answer sheet whenever necessary.

How to do ME/M.Tech after AMIE?

ME or M. Tech AMIE
After Passing section A examination of Institution of engineers (India ) T or ST member of IE(I) can appear for GATE ( Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering ) which is conducted by IIT  and Indian Institute of Science Bangalore every yearin the month of February.

A Good GATE score opens door to higher education a with scholarship  and stipend from Ministry of Human Resource and Development. A GATE qualified candidates ( In Engineering subject will also be eligible for the award of Junior research fellowship in CSIR ( Council for Scientific and Industrial Research) laboratories.

Eligibility for GATE-:

 Obtained a bachelor’s degree in Engineering from a Government recognised University( final year students may also apply); or Candidates with professional qualification like AMIE/AMIETE and those who have completed Section A or equivalent of such professional degree courses.
After having a valid GATE score, an AMIE/AMIETE should apply for admission to postgraduate programmes in individual institutions, at appropriate time. Admissions of candidates to postgraduate programmes will be governed by the rules and regulations of individual institutions to which they apply.
An AMIE/AMIETE should also be equipped with migration certificate which can be obtained from the last institution( polytechnic for example) attended by you as a regular student.

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Important Dates:-

Availability of GATE forms: October, 1st week

Last Date for filling up forms: November, 1st week

Exam Date: 2nd Sunday of February

Results: March 31st

The examination is a single paper of 3 hours duration and generally consists of Section A (Objective Type) which is of 75 marks and Section B (Problem Type) which is of 75 marks. Total: 150 marks.

Results of qualified candidates in GATE will give All India Rank and indicate percentile score. For example, a percentile score of 99 means you are in the top 1% category of the candidates who appeared for GATE.

Candidates who get less than 70 percentile get no score card.

GATE scores are valid for 2 years. You may reappear the GATE exam if you are not satisfied with the earlier score and the new score (if better than the old one) will be used for admission purposes.

After the Exam, what next:

After publication of GATE results, students must apply to individual Institutes to get their application forms.

Institutes advertise M.Tech admissions in leading newspapers from 1st April till end July. However some Institutes do not advertise and therefore students have to get the forms themselves.

In the application forms, you have to mention your GATE score alongwith other details.

The concerned Institute may conduct written test and/or interview for the purpose of admission. 

General thumb rules: 
If your Gate score in Computer Science is 96 percentile or more then you can try for IITs, if between 85 - 96 percentile, then apply for top RECs, JADAVPUR, SHIBPUR, ROORKEE, etc. If less than 85, you have to look for appropriate institutes; YES we want you to get 85 and above only!!

During the pursuit of M.Tech, you are paid a scholarship of Rs. 5000.00 per month by the Government of India. This amount is enough for living expenses including purchase of books, etc. The scholarship is paid for the entire 18 months M.Tech period.

GATE Coaching-:
For those interested in GATE coaching, the following organizations offer correspondence courses:

Brilliant Tutorials ( )

Elite Academy (

Master's Academy( )

Info About The Profession of Engineering and AMIE Involvement

Institution of Engineers is the oldest Professional Engineering body in our country .which was found in year 1920 and Incorporated by Royal Charter in 1935. Institution of Engineers has been collaborated by all big engineering organization of the world.( Click Here)

Degree of Institution of Engineers has been recognised by HRD ministry govt. of India and also with All India Council of Technical Education (AICTE). A AMIE ( AMIE is now GradIE) degree holder is eligible for all type of state and central government job. AMIE degree holder can also take higher education by going abroad.

Advantages of AMIE degree are as follow

1. Eligible for all type of government job State as well as in central government.

2. Eligible for GATE entrance Exam to study M.E. or M.Tech in IIT, NIT and other engineering institutes .

3. Eligible for higher study in abroad.

4. Earn and Learn at a same time and enhance your industrial knowledge while learning.

5. freedom to Select your desired engineering branch.


Engineers have the opportunity of a much wider scope of work covering the environment than a mere office job. The filed is not confined to a narrow range and the AMIE study program has taken in to account to include all the relevant engineering branches that are being put in to practical use in today’s world. This includes the branches of tele communication and computer technology which was not traditional engineering subjects.

As an AMIE professional, they will apply the theoretical knowledge they gain through the course of the program in a lot of practical solutions to a wide and varied range of engineering vocations. The professional engineers are shaping and creating the future of our world according to the principals and techniques that they put in to practical use on a daily basis. AMIE professionals will be involved in the process of analyzing, implementing, designing and fulfilling the engineering requirements of the employers. With the AMIE qualification the candidates will earn a chance of being a noteworthy driving force behind the latest innovations in the technical, mechanical, engineering and many other related fields. They can be assured of being among the preferred list of the employers and can look forward to enjoying high salary paid employment capacities in senior levels and may without hesitation look to enhance their career prospects in any international country of their choice.

Advantages of AMIE over Other Available Program

Institution of Engineers is the oldest Professional Engineering body in our country .which was found in year 1920 and Incorporated by Royal Charter in 1935. Institution of Engineers has been collaborated by all big engineering organization of the world.( Click Here)

Degree of Institution of Engineers has been recognised by HRD ministry govt. of India and also with All India Council of Technical Education (AICTE). A AMIE ( AMIE is now GradIE) degree holder is eligible for all type of state and central government job. AMIE degree holder can also take higher education by going abroad.

Advantages of AMIE degree are as follow

1. Eligible for all type of government job State as well as in central government.
2. Eligible for GATE entrance Exam to study M.E. or M.Tech in IIT, NIT and other engineering institutes.

3. Eligible for higher study in abroad.

4. Earn and Learn at a same time and enhance your industrial knowledge while learning.
5. freedom to Select your desired engineering branch.

The structure of the program offered by AMIE has a lot of advantages compared to the conservative way of class room study methods. This is a more relaxing and flexible method of studying which will have the same end result for the student. There are many benefits a student can make use of by enrolling while continuing with his present employment.

Employed students could manage their working and study time schedules in a more efficient manner.
The study routine will not interrupt or interfere with the student’s daily activities or routine.
The student does not have to report physically for classes and therefore the lack of geographical restrictions is not applied for the students. This means even students from far away distances within the country or students living overseas could apply for enrollment at AMIE.

For the students who are working on very tight and busy schedules this is a very good opportunity to achieve a professional qualification of the highest standards while continuing with their career.

Today, there are many books written in India and around the world covering as many aspects of the engineering field. The authors and publishers of the books will make their maximum effort to increase the sale of such publications. But sadly many of these books do not cover in detail the practical and working knowledge a student will need during the process of their studies and will result in the student having to take extra notes and put down points to enhance and add on details that is not covered by the published material. However, you will notice in the course of AMIE the student does not have to waste extra time making additional points and notes to the study material they receive as the program is designed to cover all aspects of the relevant study streams and is totally focused and does not cover fields that are not relevant to the particular field of study.

Recognition of IE(I)'s Section A & B examination outside of India.

The Institution of Engineers ( India) is the largest professional engineering body in India. Passing section A and  B examination of the Institution  of Engineers (India) is  considered as equivalent to bachelor degree in appropriate branch of engineering by Ministry of Human Resource development , Government of India, university Grant Commission , New Delhi, central and state government organizations and public and private sector undertaking not only this after passing section A & B examination of Institution of Engineers (India) students can appear for GATE ( Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering ) entrance to pursuer M.E. or M.Tech in appropriate branch of engineering, GATE is Conducted by IIT and Indian Institute of Science every year in the month of February.

AMIE qualification acknowledgments in India
On the successful completion of the program covering Section A and Section B, a member could obtain the qualification which is recognized and held in high esteem in India and will be acknowledged to be equal with the following qualifications and eligibility for the continuous perusal of academic and professional higher education qualifications.
  • Equivalent to a Bachelors Degree obtained at a recognized university in India in any relevant engineering field.
  • Acknowledgement as a qualification for the perusal of post graduate studies in any university in India.
  • Acknowledgement as a qualification for the perusal of post graduate studies administrated by the Indian Institute of Management (IIM).
  • Acknowledgement as a qualification for the perusal of post graduate studies administrated by the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT)
  • Acknowledgement by the Board of Assessment, Ministry of HRD (Human Resource Development) in the Government of India as a full filling academic criteria required for professional employment vacancies.
The AMIE is also recognized and acknowledged in the international education system and is considered to be equal with the highest levels of professional standards set and pursued by professionals of high international standing. The qualification is acknowledged to be equivalent to the following:
  • Acknowledged to be equal with the standards of the Bachelors Honors Degree as recognized by the National Recognition Information Centre of the United Kingdom. (UK)
  • Acknowledged as fulfilling the qualification criteria for professional engineering employment capacities in Australia.
  • AMIE examinations are not monitored and previewed under the guidelines of the Distance Education Council of India.
Recently a pass out student of IE(I) Mr. Sukit Gangadhar K ( AM-083485-0 ) informed IE (I) that his educational credentials were assessed by engineers  Australia and found suitable as meeting the current academic requirement for standing as a professional engineers in Australia.

 In addition , following organization in Abroad consider passing section A & B examinations equivalent to bachelors degree in appropriate branch of engineering for higher studies /employment pursuer.

1.The National Recognition Information Centre for the
United Kingdom (UK NARIC)
2.American Association of Collegiate Registrars and
Admissions Officers (AACRAO)
3.United States-India Educational Foundation
4.University of Waterloo, Canada
5.The Institution of Civil Engineers, UK
6.UAE Ministry of Higher Education
7.Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of BC,

AMIE Exam Preparation Tips


As we know that most of the AMIE students are doing AMIE while working so it is obvious you will get less time of study due to job so you have to utilize your time such a way that you study more and and grasp more things in less span of time for that proper study method is must.

 Here I am going to share my method of preparation hope this will help you . 

1. First Read whole syllabus of subject which you are going to study.
2. Divide each chapter accordingly the topic involves as per your convenience.
3. Please read as much as you can digest and make your own notes rather than follow others
4. Always keep pen & pencil while study to write down the important matter.
5. Many of our students do not understand the English meaning and leave the word and kindly keep dictionary to understand it properly.
6. In the top of our question paper it is written that: ''Answer in your own words'', so we should understand the matter and narrate into own word in paper it will give us strength to memorize the matter as it is.
7. I will later point out the '' how to memorize all the studied things for a long time.
8. Make your self habitual to the books avoid chatting or movie visiting (as much as possible) as it will down your commitment towards study.
9. Take rest and refresh yourself with some good songs and your favorite things.
10. Make daily routine for study at least 3 hrs (and more randomly after finish your busy schedule)
11. If you will daily practice to seat for study min 2 hrs without any disturbance you will have max change to raise your potential for long time study.
12. Take care of your health and food (preferably light before study, use 1-2 tea for long duration wakeup)

Finally here is your challenge to crack your exam with self-study. Start now or revised it....until exam.

Buy Following AMIE Section A Books on Amazon 

AMIE = B.Tech

All Government and Private sector establishments recognizes AMIE as equivalent to B.Tech.

As we knows that the Institution of Engineers(India) is a biggest professional technical Institution  in our country with it's largest engineering discipline and vast network  of state and local centre throughout the country. On the other hand there are also other professional technical institutions in our country which are the serving the country as IE (I) which are as follow.

1.The Institution of Mechanical Engineers ( India )

2. The Institution of Electronic and Telecommunication Engineers (India)

3. Indian Institution of Industrial Engineering

4. Institution of Civil Engineers (India)

5. Aeronautical Society of India

The facts about recognition of 'Associate  membership Courses (like AMIE) are as Follow.

1. The ' Associate Membership courses conducted by the recognised technical professional Institution  like Institution of Engineers(India) , The Institution of Mechanical Engineers (India), The Institution of Electronic and Telecommunication Engineers (India) are recognised by the Ministry of HRD , Govt of India (  After getting due examination / recommended by the AICTE , New Delhi)

2.The course contents for the "Associate Membership Courses conducted by the recognised  Technical Professional Institutions in India are scrutinized by the A.I.C.T.E. regularly on the instructions by the MHRD,Govt. of India for controlling the quality of education.

3.The "Associate Membership" can be run as per the A.I.C.T.E. approved syllabus only.The A.I.C.T.E. shall approve & sign the syllabus book of the particular Institution and submit to the MHRD,Govt. of India ; one copy is handed over to the Institution & other with the A.I.C.T.E.
4.The A.I.C.T.E. releases funds under "SCHEME OF FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE TO PROFESSIONAL SOCIETIES/ BODIES " for supporting the professional activities of the Technical Professional Institutions in India Like IE(I), IME(I), IETE etc.. 

5.The A.I.C.T.E. is not directly involved in the recognition of the "Associate Membership" courses conducted the the Technical Professional Institutions as the same is done by the MHRD,Govt. of India.

6.All the "Associate Membership" courses awarded by the recognised Technical Professional Institutions like-The IE(I)-Kolkata ,IME(I), are recognised by the MHRD-Govt. of India only after assessment of the syllabus,course contents,method of examination conduct,rules & regulations etc.. of each of the professional Institution through A.I.C.T.E.

7.The professional Technical Qualifications Like : A.M.I.E(I), A.M.I.Mech.E(I) etc.. doesn't come under the Preview of the DISTANCE EDUCTAION COUNCIL(DEC). Only the recognised Universities / Deemed Universities / Autonomous Institutes comes under the preview of the DEC.

8.That's why the distance learning Engineering degrees / Diplomas conducted by the recognised Universities / Deemed Universities / Autonomus Institutes are never preferred in industry over the ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP CERTIFICATES as the ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP CERTIFICATES are directly awarded by the core Engineering Institutions itself duly recognised by the MHRD-Govt. of India thru A.I.C.T.E.

9.As per the procedure by the Govt. of India, approval from AICTE is not required for the Professional Technical Societies in India like : The Insitution of Engineers(India)-Kolkata , Insitution of Mechanical Engineers (India)-Navi Mumbai,IETE-New Delhi etc.The Ministry of HRD get the Course Syllabus of these Institutions reviewed & approved by the AICTE.As per the recommendations of the AICTE , Minsitry of HRD releases the Recognition notification for publishing in Gazattee of India.

So AICTE have no direct powers to recoignise A.M.I.E (I) ,T.Eng. , A.M.I.Mech.E(I), AMIETE , AMAeSI etc.. courses.

The MHRD,Govt. of India gets examined the syllabus , scheme of examinations , methods of conducting examinations,rules for award of Degree/Diploma etc. of the particular Institution  thru the A.I.C.T.E. & only after receipt of the approval / recommendation from the A.I.C.T.E. , the course is recognised by the MHRD-Govt. of India

Difference between IEI India (AMIE) and University degree

As we know that The Institution of Engineers India is oldest and largest Engineering professional body in India .In countries like India where Engineering education is not affordable to major of the Indian population , for financially weak students in our country AMIE is not only a good option i will say it is best option.

The difference between AMIE Degree and Regular university degree are as follow.

AMIE Engineering (IEI)

1. Time: Two and half years

2. Subject : All together 13 (4 engineering + 9 Branch Engineering)
3. Expenditure: full curse 20 thousand Rs
4. M tech (GATE) preparation: After pass 4 subjects
5. Degree: Graduation in Engineering and Membership of (Associate Member of the Institution of Engineers (AMIE) India.
6. Reorganization: Same as University degree.
7. Admission eligibility : Diploma in engineering
8. Curriculum: Syllabus made considering Diploma engineering syllabus.
9. Job and M.Tech Opportunity: Equal
10. Shaping personality and soft skill: Extra time can be used for recovering lacking and shaping personality and practice soft skill.

University Degree

1. Time: Four years

2. Subject : All together (min) 44 subjects
3. Expenditure: full course 2 luks Rs
4. M tech (GATE) preparation: After final year or in final year.
5. Degree: Bachelor of Engineering
6. Reorganization: Same as IEI AMIE degree.
7. Admission eligibility : HSC or Equivalents
8. Curriculum: Syllabus made considering HSC or Equivalents syllabus.
9. Job and M.Tech Opportunity: Equal
10. Shaping personality and soft skill: Heard to manage Extra time, no chance to recovering lacking.

I think we can realize advantage of AMIE degree from this difference.

How to do AMIE After B.Tech

AMIE is not only good option to be a Engineering Graduate while working but also who want to get additional degree in in respective branch to boost their career.

For example if any student complete B.E in Mechanical Engineering and if he thinks a additional degree in Production Engineering can help in to boost his career then AMIE is a good option to those students.

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There are many B.Tech or B.E holders who would like to get an additional degree in an engineering discipline as an added qualification. This is quite possible through AMIE.
In order to get it, the candidates may appear and successfully pass certain number of examinations, depending on both.

(a) the engineering branch in which he holds B.E/B.Tech.

(b) the engineering branch he chooses in AMIE.

Engineering Graduate will get exemption from Section A as IEI rule only have to pass SEction B (9 Subject)  Project Work and Lab Experiment that all.

How to Join AMIE Programme

In order to join for AMIE, a candidate shall first get Membership Registration with the Institution of Engineers (India). Only registered members are eligible to apply for Institution examination

Based on your educational qualification, there are two categories of student membership

1. Senior Technician (ST) membership, and
2. Technician (T) membership.

If you passed 3 years' Engineering Diploma or equivalent, you may apply for Senior Technician membership, and if you have passed +2 or equivalent, then apply for Technician membership.
To Get Membership Form

1. You can directly download the application from from this link (Open Link in New Window)

2. The membership registration fee is Rs 5800/- (Registration Fee + Entrance Fee + Composite Subscription + Fee for Membership Pack and Study Materials + Fee for Identity Card+ Fee for Prospectus and ST/ T Forms.), in India.
Documents Required

Along with the application form for membership, you should attach the following.
1. Four passport size photographs to be affixed on the application form.

2. Attested (by any Gazetted officer) copy of Matriculation/School leaving certificate, to prove your age.

3. Attested copy (by any Gazetted officer) of +2/HSC certificate (if applicable), to prove your educational qualification.

4. Attested copy (by any Gazetted officer) of you Diploma certificate and marks sheet (if applicable), to prove your educational qualification.

5. Demand draft of Rs 5800/- (for students in India) drawn in favour of 'The Institution of Engineers (India)', Payable at Kolkata.

6. Get your qualification and photograph on the application form duly verified by any AMIE/MIE/FIE holder. Regarding this attestation you can also seek assistance from any local/State centre of Institution of Engineers (India) nearest to you.

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