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How to Become Professional Engineer after AMIE ?

The Institution of Engineers(India), the largest multi-disciplinary professional institution of engineers, had been certifying Professional Engineers(PEs) for over a decade. With increasing globalization and trade in services, enabling free movement of professional across the world, the necessity of engineers acquiring international level certification has become inescapable. The Institution of Engineers(India), responding to the requirement and in service of engineering profession, has modified system and procedure of " Certification of Professional Engineers" in line with international norms and has obtained provisional membership of the Engineers Mobility Forum(EMF). The Professional Engineers so certifies to the international level and placed on international Register after due process, would be eligible to practice their profession internationally without additional scrutiny of verification beyond what is applicable to domestic engineers in the receiving countries.

Why professional Engineering?
The certification of an engineer as a Professional Engineer (PE) recognizes his professional capability and competence. The Professional Engineers certified as per international norms would be free to practice the profession in other countries like the UK, Canada, Japan, Australia, etc. without any additional checks beyond those applicable to the local engineers in those countries on Institution's attaining full membership of the EMF.

Eligibility Criteria for a become a Professional Engineer:

1. Recognized bachelor's degree in engineering or equivalent.
2.Minimum seven years' professional experience.
3.Minimum two years' professional experience in significant engineering activity.
4.Satisfactory level of Continuous Professional Development(CPD).
5.Membership of a recognized professional institution or society.
6.Good character and commitment to the code of Ethics.

Download the application form for Professional Engineering by clicking on below Link.

The Assessment Examination is an integral part of the assessment of applicant for certification as a Professional Engineer. The examination standard is above BE level covering expected professional engineering experience. The examination would be held online at the identified Centers of the IEI and other professional institution across the country.
They would be held in two Modules: 1 and Module 2. The Module 1 is common to all, comprising of 40 question of 1 mark each with duration of 1.5 hours.

For more information about Assessment of Examination click on following link.

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For Professional Engineering
Engineering is a profession that puts scientific knowledge to practical use. Professional Engineers, in the pursuit of their profession, affects the quality of life of all people in the society and the quality of all sectors of the economy. therefore, ethics are fundamental to the values of the profession. Accordingly, the services provided by professional and consulting professional engineers should adhere to a code of the ethics while dealing with the public, client, employees and the associates.

The 'Code of Ethics' aims at maintaining high standards of personal and professional conduct, developing professional competency and integrity, ensuring ethical conduct in fulfilling stability to the society, the nation and the global community. It is mandatory that all Professional Engineers(PEs) conduct their professional practice and their individual behaviour in an ethical manner.

For more information click on following link

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