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Examiner Want you to Answer The Question

About examination Shakespeare says that " Examination is not an art of knowing but it is an art of showing"
from above sentence it is clear that if you have much more knowledge but you do not know the art , How to show it? then i am sure that your knowledge is useless.

I saw many student in my life who are studying very hard but still getting less marks or insufficient marks in their resultsa . it might be possible because of fallowing reason.

Remember, you will not be asked to ‘Write all you know about.....

The examiner is not interested in whether you can memorise facts and simply repeat them. So it’s important to ascertain exactly what is being asked. Below is a selection (not an exhaustive list) of the type of verbs used typically in essay questions and (my suggestions of) what they mean.

  • Account for Explain why something is so.
  • Analyse Explain the main points in detail.
  • Argue Make a case for and/or against a particular viewpoint and back it up with objective evidence.
  • Assess Using your knowledge of the course and associated issues, judge the degree to which something is so.
  • Compare Identify similar characteristics and differences between two or more things.
  • Contrast Point out differences between (and possibly, briefly acknowledge similarities).
  • Criticise Judge something showing its shortcomings backed with logical argument to support your criticism.
  • Describe Give a detailed account.
  • Discuss Examine the case for and against.
  • Explain Show clearly why something is so.
  • Identify Pick out key features.
  • Illustrate Explain something with examples.
  • Justify Show reasons for something.
  • List Compile a list.
  • Prove Demonstrate, with evidence, why something is so.
  • Review Survey and make an assessment of something.
  • Summarise State the main points.
  • Trace Show the development of the history of something, explaining the various stages.
  • Verify Show why something is true.
And think carefully about what it means.
Look for the verb!

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