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How To Achieve Mental Clarity In 3 Simple Steps

Step 1: Focus On Completing ONE Simple Task.Be Present to the experience of pure Focus and Completion in this one simple task.
For example, you may choose a task as simple as taking a cup or a saucer from a coffee table over to the kitchen sink. Note: It is extremely important that you focus on just taking the dishes to the back.

Step 2: Consciously Acknowledge Your New Space
Take a moment to consciously acknowledge the task you have just performed.
Do the "Happy Dance", or high-five yourself or even just think "I just did something good" and smile to yourself. Whatever it takes, you should take a moment to notice that you've 1) chosen a task, 2) focused on it and 3) have successfully completed and accomplished this one action (however small!).

Step 3: Maintain Your New Space
Now you have a clean space - Keep It neat, eh!
If you've just cleared a physical space (like clearing the coffee table in the first example), then all you need to do now is to respect that space and Keep It neat!
It is extremely easy to allow that newly cleared space to be filled with other junk. The real success of this process is simply to notice that your space is getting cluttered and to take that small action to quickly clear your space before you revert back into the old pattern of negatively avoiding doing the task.
As with the first two steps, when you maintain your new space, make sure you do it with Focus and Acknowledge your achievement.
Maintenance of your new dean space is the Key to ongoing successful Mental Clarity.

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