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Graduation day gift from a father

Jim was super excited… his Graduation day was nearing and he would probably get his dream present from his Dad on graduating. It was nothing but the car that he had been admiring since long after seeing it in a dealer’s store. When his Dad asked him what he desired, Jim asked for that car knowing that it was not a big deal for his Dad to afford.

After a long wait, the Graduation day arrived. Jim’s father called upon him and said how proud he was to have such a wonderful son. While excitement was building inside Jim in anticipation of seeing his dream car, his father handed him over a gift box wrapped wonderfully. Somewhat disappointed, Jim opened the gift to discover a Bible with a beautiful leather cover and his name inscribed in gold. Being unable to control his anger and disappointment, Jim reprimanded his father saying that all his money was of no use if he had to buy his only son a Bible on his Graduation day. Jim’s father kept quiet when his son stormed out of their house and never returned. The Bible lay on the floor, unattended and unappreciated.

Years passed by; Jim had established himself as a successful businessman having his own family and home. There was nothing missing in his life, excepting his father, whom he never met after his Graduation day. One day, Jim made up his mind to meet his father and apologize for his misbehavior years back. But before he could set out for his father’s home, he received a telegram conveying him the news of his father’s expiry. He was also asked to visit that house once and take care of all the possessions he was willed by his father.

He reached the empty house and began to remember all those memories associated with the house and especially the day he left the place abandoning his father. While searching for his father’s papers, Jim came across that Bible, still looking new and untouched ever since he had left it. His eyes moistened as he began to turn the pages of the Bible. Suddenly a car key fell on the floor from the back of the Bible. It had a tag that bore the name of the dealer who had the car Jim had dreamt of. Jim read the tag. It had a date written; that of his graduation and some other words that said, “Paid”.

Flabbergasted, Jim sat on the floor; helpless and guilty. He remembered his father’s words on his Graduation day telling him how lucky his father was to have a son like Jim!

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