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Dataching from Chaos

"Detaching is not abandoning, it is simply not participating in their chaos. Often times their chaos is to twist things so that we will feel sorry for them or feel guilty. Pity & guilt have no redeeming value; it not only feeds their disease, it feeds ours too.

Detaching is not allowing what they say & do ruin my day. It they want to be angry or miserable then they have to do it without my part

Detaching is not getting sucked into the merry-go-round of confrontations & arguments trying to force solutions. When I finally understood that I was powerless to fix someone else I stopped trying to fix them & I stopped trying to make things easier for them. I stopped, not because I did not care if they got fixed or not, but, because it finally sank in that I was not the person who could fix them."

- From FB page - 'codependent life' ( Thanks to @Recovery Works)

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