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Group A

Time and space analysis of algorithms. Order notation.
Linear data structures: Sequential representations: Arrays and lists, stacks, queues and
dequeues; strings and their applications.
Linked representations: Linear linked list, circular linked list, doubly linked list and their
applications. Recursion: Design of recursive algorithms. Tail recursion, when not to use
recursion, removal of recursion.

Group B

Nonlinear data structures: Trees, binary trees, traversals and threads, binary search trees,
insertion and deletion algorithms, height-balanced and weight-balanced trees, B-trees, B+
trees, application of trees.
Graph representation. Breadth first search, depth first search. Hashing, hashing functions,
collision resolving techniques. Sorting and searching algorithms, bubble sort, selection sort,
insertion sort, quick sort, merge sort,
heapsort, radix sort.
File structures: Sequential and direct access, relative files, indexed files-B+tree as index,
multi-indexed files, inverted files, hashed files.

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