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Tips to Clear Design and Manufacturing

Tips to Clear Design and Manufacturing

Design and manufacturing not a complicated subject if we compare it with Material Science. Design and manufacturing is a theoretical subject with interesting point of view. if we look at syllabus of design and manufacturing we can divide it into three part

1. Design Section

2.Manufacturing section

3. Computer Integrated Manufacturing Section

According to my experience student of other stream expect Mechanical face little problem in manufacturing section of Design and Manufacturing . other part Design section and Computer integrated Manufacturing section are easy to understand and interesting.

Tips to Crack Design And Manufacturing

1. when you are studying any topic of design and manufacturing first important thing is read the topic carefully and after that write down its summery on a paper what you have understood.this method will help you to remember everything inside of the topic.

2. If non Mechanical student are facing problem in Manufacturing section is tough then complete first Design section and computer Manufacturing section after that if your any friend with mechanical background take his help for Manufacturing section.

3.Refer past few year question paper of Design and Manufacturing and make a list of important question which have asked frequently.

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