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Complete Info on Project Work

1. A AMIE  candidates can do project work only after securing minimum grade 'C' in five subjects in an engineering branch of section B after getting C grade in five subject Institution of Engineers(I) will send you prescribed format for project work and laboratory experiment along with your grade card.
the prescribed format shall be returned duly filled-in by the candidates within stipulated period of time.

2. On receipt of the application, a candidates shall be intimated the name and address of the project guide, who in turn shall assign the project work to the candidate.

3. Full marks for project work is 100. there will be internal as well as external evaluation of the project work. minimum grade for passing for project work is grade B. the internal evaluation will be carried out by the project guide based on the project report submitted by the AMIE candidate to project guide. A AMIE candidate have to submit two copies of project report one to project guide and another one is Headquarter of the IE(I). external evaluation of project evaluation of project work is done by committee of IE(i). AMIE candidate have to complete project work within 6 month after passing all theoretical subject of section B as per the scheme. In the case candidate fail to pass the project work then candidate should re-registered for project work with prescribed fee.

4. In the case of death of project guide or change of his address affecting the facility to contact between him and candidate , the candidate shall inform to the chairman of his State/Local Centre for an alternate Project guide.

5. A Amie candidate shall required to maintain a daily and to prepare a self-assessment report in the prescribed format pertaining to the work undertaken by him as assigned by the project guide.

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