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How To Energizing Your Mind During Exams.

How To Energizing Your Mind During Exams.
we know that doing AMIE with your current job is a tough job therefore AMIE candidates facing high stress and pressure before exams or during the exams . lots of question going on in the mind of AMIE candidate which is because of fear of regarding AMIE.

It is very important to make a delicate balance between AMIE study and your mind. when your mind perform well then you perform well so do not try to stretch your mind.

before the exams hours start drink adequate quantity of water and start taking deep breathing it will increase oxygen level in your body and that would be helpful for your mind to perform well.
Here are some tips and trick to energizing your mind during exams.

1. Detach when you get back home from an exams , stay as far away from your studying material as you can ,especially of the paper that you have just given. detach yourself from whatever thoughts, information or regrets you have regarding your last exams by indulging in quick breathing exercises or yoga or meditation.

while studying , taking really short and quick break, say once in every two hours are essential for refreshing and rejuvenating your mind. engage in quick activities like watching TV or whatever thing you like.

we know that sleep has magical power. even just couple of hours of sleep can work wonder for your mind. A quick power nap after you have returned from your exams allow your grey cells to rest and rejuvenate , so that you are completely refreshed when you are back at the table.

4.Eat smart

Pay specific attention to what you eat during exams. your diet plays a very huge role in deciding your attention span, level of concentration and consequently affects how much and how well you are able to study. choose light and healthy foods( such as a fruit instead of potato chips) to munch on while you study. The greater the fat and oil content in your snack, more you will feel lethargic and sleepy

5. Studying To Boost morale.
Always being with the topic that you know best or once that you have done before. this will instill positivity in you about how much you are left with on your syllabus sheet. The happier the mind, the better and faster you will absorb.

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