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How To Study for AMIE

More than 90% people are doing AMIE with their job and most of them are ST of AMIE with your current job is a tough task.we also know that there is no any shortcut for AMIE so you have only one way i.e. whatever time you have utilize it for AMIE study.

Some Best Way way for study of AMIE are as follow.

1. First thing to be stored in your mind that there is no any shortcut for success same way for AMIE.

2. Make a delicate balance between AMIE study and your job. try to study daily minimum two hours.

3. For section A student they first take easy subject like Design and manufacturing and Society and Environment and score good grade to get exemption in touch subjects like material science, if you feel material science is tough .

4. If you are unable to prepare for 4 subject then prepare for minimum 2 subject such a way that you must clear those subject with good grade in any condition.Good grade will help you to get exemption in touch subjects .

5.For recommendation of books i want to say use those books for a subject which you can understand easily because clearance of concept is very important also take advice from your friend regarding this especially those friend who have already cleared those papers

6. Syllabus of AMIE is so vast so Study for AMIE with a consistency without this you can not complete your syllabus.

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