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How to pass Material Science in AMIE

I heard many student saying that 'Material Science is tough subject ' upto some level it is correct but it is not correct that Material science is a tough subject . if you are feeling " Material Science is tough" then i am sure about that your basic concept are not clear. many student are loosing their interest in Material Science because of rumour about Material Science.

One thing i want to say strictly
" there is neither any subject which is tough nor any subject which is easy, toughness or easiness of any subject is depend upon your interest in that subject and how much basic concept you have regarding that subject."

Some effective method of study for Material Science are given below.

1. First remove the thing from your mind that is  Material Science is tough subject  . first clear your basic concept about Material Science like atomic structure, bonding of atoms, etc. because without a strong base you can not build anything.

2.Rather than concentrating on big topic like Heat Treatment , mechanical proprities cover short and easy topic like Electronic proprieties, Magnetism, Polymer, Ceramic etc.if you complete this topic first then psychologically it will boost your confidence regarding Material Science.

3. Whatever topic you are studying for Material Science do it perfectly do not leave anything for option because "Do less but Do perfect" because in AMIE there is no limit of depth of syllabus of a subject .4.When you completing one topic and going to start another topic must see previous topic at a glance . repeat this process for next topic. apply this process not only for material science but also for other subjects.

5. when you complete any topic after that try to write it's summery and explain that topic to yourself as considering yourself as a student as well as teacher.

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