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Career Prospects For the AMIE Students

Degree of Institution of Engineers has been recognised by HRD ministry govt. of India and also with All India Council of Technical Education (AICTE). A AMIE ( AMIE is now GradIE) degree holder is eligible for all type of state and central government job. AMIE degree holder can also take higher education by going abroad. 

Advantages of AMIE degree are as follow

1. Eligible for all type of government job State as well as in central government.

2. Eligible for GATE entrance Exam to study M.E. or M.Tech in IIT, NIT and other engineering institutes.

3. Eligible for higher study in abroad.

4. Earn and Learn at a same time and enhance your industrial knowledge while learning.

5. freedom to Select your desired engineering branch.

Engineering is a wide and highly dynamic field that offers a range of specializations for the interested candidates. The economy today is molded and stimulated constantly through the break through innovations that keep emerging in the engineering sector. The engineering technology provides vast scopes and ranges with the application of different designs and techniques. In the early days engineering was restricted to traditional branches including the civil engineering, mechanical and electrical engineering fields. But with the rapid development in the world the need for more complicated and complex branches of engineering such as in the fields of ceramic, aeronautical, chemical, textile, marine and other related engineering fields had been brought into focus sharply.
The employment opportunities that have been created by this expansion is enormous. The educational systems and trends have also changed with the times and with the younger generations being more focused in their ambitions and with their thirst to brighten their futures with the added glory of professional qualifications the need for systematic and high standard educations al programs has been brought in to much prominence than in the past.

Finding a solution to this great need that is created by the changes in the world trends the Institute of Engineers of India has initiated this prestigious program which will bring in very high career prospects and opportunities to the students who enroll for the qualification. The Government of India has awarded the highest recognition for this prestigious qualification by recognizing it to be on the same level as a bachelor of engineering degree.

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