AMIE Exam Preparation Tips

As we know that most of the AMIE students are doing AMIE while working so it is obvious you will get less time of study due to job so you have to utilize your time such a way that you study more and and grasp more things in less span of time for that proper study method is must.
Here I am going to share my method of preparation hope this will help you .

1. First Read whole syllabus of subject which you are going to study.
2. Divide each chapter accordingly the topic involves as per your convenience.
3. Please read as much as you can digest and make your own notes rather than follow others
4. Always keep pen & pencil while study to write down the important matter.
5. Many of our students do not understand the English meaning and leave the word and kindly keep dictionary to understand it properly.
6. In the top of our question paper it is written that: ''Answer in your own words'', so we should understand the matter and narrate into own word in paper it will give us strength to memorize the matter as it is.
7. I will later point out the '' how to memorize all the studied things for a long time.
8. Make your self habitual to the books avoid chatting or movie visiting (as much as possible) as it will down your commitment towards study.
9. Take rest and refresh yourself with some good songs and your favorite things.
10. Make daily routine for study at least 3 hrs (and more randomly after finish your busy schedule)
11. If you will daily practice to seat for study min 2 hrs without any disturbance you will have max change to raise your potential for long time study.
12. Take care of your health and food (preferably light before study, use 1-2 tea for long duration wakeup)
Finally here is your challenge to crack your exam with self-study. Start now or revised it....until exam.

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