How To Make Effective Notes

How To Make Effective Notes

Making notes of any subject will help you to revise that subject before the exams or within short period of time. making notes of any subject clear your concept about that subject or topic. it will be better for you to create your own notes rather than taking from your friend.

Some Tips to Create Effective Notes

1.when you are making notes of any topic first read that topic carefully after that write it's summery on a paper . writing summery of any topic will help you to understand content inside the topic in a better way.

2. when you are making notes of any subject that time underline the important words with colour pen or with marker. this method will help you to memorize the important words inside the notes.

3.During the notes making process of any subject use simple English rather than tough English.

4. when you are making notes if there is any division, category or type in any topic try to represent it with tree diagram this method will take less time for revision before exams.

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