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Why To Appear For GATE

Why Should We Take GATE

To pursue M.Tech program in a leading institute of the country. The benefits of M.Tech are:

#.More and better companies are coming for Campus Placement in leading Institutes
#.Higher salaries are being offered for M.Tech as compared to B.E.
#.M.Tech degree leads to specialization and furthering of interest in a certain area which may lead to Ph.D
#.M.Tech degree is a must for those wishing to apply for Faculty/Research positions in educational Institutes/R&D centers.
#.Scholarship is paid during M.Tech, so no headache to parents for financial requirements.
#.The M.Tech program is a 3 semester (18 months) program; so get more time to work out career opportunities.
#.MOST IMPORTANTLY to get to be a part of any Nationally reputed Educational Institute and enjoy learning and research.

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