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Info About How To Preparing for GATE

How To Preparing for GATE

Preparing for GATE can be as easy as preparing for your college examinations. Just take little cautions while studying any topic and do remember that GATE paper focus on your in depth knowledge of subject,your basics, presence of mind during examination etc.
I'll recommend following while preparing for your GATE exams people may differ as this is my personnel opinion :

#.Always follow standard books for GATE. Try to cover complete syllabus. If not possible expertise in what ever portion of syllabus you practice.

#.Try preparing notes after reading every chapter/topic. This may initially take some time but will help you while revising before paper. Click here for expert tips to prepare notes for GATE.

#.While reading any chapter/topic do ask your self following questions "What", "How", and "Why" and see improvement
    Best way to prepare is to follow cycle Learn, Test, Analyze, Improve, Learn, Test, Analyze, Improve ……
    Exam can help you when you test your self for GATE and its free.

Click here to learn effective way to use test series.
Do remember that GATE is completely objective question based test. Most of time solving objective questions is tricky. Learn tips to      solve GATE objective questions from GATE Tutor.

In case of doubts ask some expert or use forums to discuss questions as provided by .

Don't worry if your percentage in university exams is low as GATE admissions do not consider them. Just maintain minimum percentage required by many colleges including IIT's. Look at GATE Cutoff and eligibility section to know eligibility and cut off of various colleges.

Group study is one of the best ways of preparation. Divide sections/topics between you and your partner and have a brief session on topic from your friend before you actually start topic. This will save your time and efforts and will improve your and your partner's understanding on the topic.
Normally coaching GATE is not required but if you are not able to concentrate much then this is a good option.

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