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How to Remember Things Using Study Tricks

 As we know that more than 90% of AMIE aspirants are working , so grasp more things within less span of time is most important concern for AMIE Students.

Are you having a tough time studying? You probably need some tricks to help you remember things better. Try a couple of these, and you may see a positive change in your studying ability.

Step1: Visualize. If you're having trouble remembering facts about Bill Gates, picture Bill Gates with things in his hands and in the background. For example, you can picture Bill Gates with a Microsoft logo, standing in front of a bunch of computers. It's an oversimplified example, but it shows that by using a picture, you can jog your memory.

Step 2: Create acronyms. For example, to learn the the musical notes that are on the treble clef, create an acronym. Since they are E G B D F, you can say Every Girl Buys Dumb Fashion, or something silly like that. (You can use a standard one, like Every Good Boy Deserves Fudge, but making one up may help it stick in your mind better.)

Step 3: Make a song or poem out of what you need to learn. You'll remember the beat and pattern, so you can remember thoughts more easily with the reference. To tune of Mary Had a Little Lamb, you can say, "Oranges and apples too, Lots of grapes, and kiwi, I know lots of yummy fruit, because it's good for me. Once again, simple example, but the concept works.

Step 4: Bring thoughts together. It may be hard to remember lots of separate thoughts, but if you can bring them together, it may help your studying. Even if thoughts do not match well, you can still associate them.

Step 5: Have a friend quiz you. By answering the question out loud, it may stay in your mind. Plus, studying is much more fun with a friend.

Step 6: Write down important tips as you study. Writing things down often helps people remember, because you're applying what you know.

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