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Advantages of AMIE over Other Available Program

Institution of Engineers is the oldest Professional Engineering body in our country .which was found in year 1920 and Incorporated by Royal Charter in 1935. Institution of Engineers has been collaborated by all big engineering organization of the world.( Click Here)

Degree of Institution of Engineers has been recognised by HRD ministry govt. of India and also with All India Council of Technical Education (AICTE). A AMIE ( AMIE is now GradIE) degree holder is eligible for all type of state and central government job. AMIE degree holder can also take higher education by going abroad.

Advantages of AMIE degree are as follow

1. Eligible for all type of government job State as well as in central government.
2. Eligible for GATE entrance Exam to study M.E. or M.Tech in IIT, NIT and other engineering institutes.

3. Eligible for higher study in abroad.

4. Earn and Learn at a same time and enhance your industrial knowledge while learning.
5. freedom to Select your desired engineering branch.

The structure of the program offered by AMIE has a lot of advantages compared to the conservative way of class room study methods. This is a more relaxing and flexible method of studying which will have the same end result for the student. There are many benefits a student can make use of by enrolling while continuing with his present employment.

Employed students could manage their working and study time schedules in a more efficient manner.
The study routine will not interrupt or interfere with the student’s daily activities or routine.
The student does not have to report physically for classes and therefore the lack of geographical restrictions is not applied for the students. This means even students from far away distances within the country or students living overseas could apply for enrollment at AMIE.

For the students who are working on very tight and busy schedules this is a very good opportunity to achieve a professional qualification of the highest standards while continuing with their career.

Today, there are many books written in India and around the world covering as many aspects of the engineering field. The authors and publishers of the books will make their maximum effort to increase the sale of such publications. But sadly many of these books do not cover in detail the practical and working knowledge a student will need during the process of their studies and will result in the student having to take extra notes and put down points to enhance and add on details that is not covered by the published material. However, you will notice in the course of AMIE the student does not have to waste extra time making additional points and notes to the study material they receive as the program is designed to cover all aspects of the relevant study streams and is totally focused and does not cover fields that are not relevant to the particular field of study.

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