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AMIE Grading System of AMIE

Institution of Engineers ( India ) revised it's syllabus in year 2005,  after 2005 IE ( I ) replaced  marks system, with grade  system . detail information about grading system is given below.


Range of Marks Grade Grade Point

75-100      H       10
66-74        A         9
60-65        B         8
50-59        C         6
35-49        D         5
20-34        E
0-19          F

Important Point Regarding Grading System

Only grade will be provided in individual subjects.

2.In the pass mark sheet of Section A/Section B Examination, apart from grade
in individual subjects, GPA (Grade Point Average ) will also be provided.

3. For a complete pass in Section A or in Section B, minimum GPA shall be 6.

4. Full marks in each subject including project work and laboratory experiments : 100

5. Minimum grade for exemption in each subject : Grade C

6. Minimum grade for passing project work : Grade B

7. Minimum grade for passing laboratory experiments : Grade B

8. Reappearance is not permissible in the subject(s) in which grade C and above is
obtained in an examination.

9. Score of grade 'D' in one subject of Section A (Diploma) or two subjects of
Section A (Non-diploma)/Section B is only considered in the last attempt provided
all the subjects in the scheme are covered with minimum grade point being 6.

10. No division or class is awarded.


The grading is on par with other similar study streams and is given on the following basis. Marks obtained under 19 out of a total of 100 will be considered as a fail. Marks between 20 and 34 will be given a grade symbol of E, marks between 35 and 49 will be graded as D, a score of 50-59 will be accorded a grading of C, marks between 60 and 65 will be considered for a grading of B and a score of 66-74 will be awarded with a grade symbol of A. The highest accolade of H grade symbol will be awarded to students with a passing mark of 75 or above.

The following points should be noted by the students with relevance to the AMIE grading system
  • Grading will be done on individual subject basis
  • The Grade Point Average (GPA) will be awarded to the students along with the pass marks for Section A and B in addiction to the grades obtained for the individual subjects
  • The minimum GPA required for an overall pass in either Section A or B will be 6.
  • The total sum of credits will be 100 of which project work and also laboratory experiments will be included
  • The minimum grade subjected for exemption for each subject will be Grade C
  • The expected minimum grade for a pass in the project work is  Grade B
  • The expected minimum grade for a pass in laboratory experiments is Grade B
  • A student receiving a grade C or a grade above that will not be able to re-sit an examination in the relevant subject(s).
  • Student in the non diploma will be eligible to advance to the Section B only on meeting a minimum GPA of 6 with all subjects given in the particular Section being covered.
  • Class and Division are not awarded.
Students who complete the Section A and B examinations will have taken the examination in all the required subjects including the project work and the laboratory work. The total aggregate of the student’s examination marks will be divided by the total number of subjects the student is eligible to sit for to arrive at the cumulative GPA. The CGPA will be specified in the passing grade card of students on Section B.

For the students who are exempted from sitting for Section A subjects by the high merit of having passed the Section A & B examinations in an earlier sitting and additionally passed Section B in another chosen branch of engineering will be considered as same to those students who obtained exemption from Section A, by the merit of having possessed a degree from any recognized university in India. The CGPA for such students will be denoted by adding the total sum of grade points obtained in sitting for the pre requisite number of subjects in Section B along with the project and laboratory work and dividing this sum by the total number of applicable subjects.

New grading system
The Institution has also decided to revise the calculation of the cumulative grade point average according to the following:
Students will be awarded a grade and grade point instead of the total absolute marks for each examination they face including the project work and laboratory experiments.
Students receiving a grade point of 5 will be given a grade of C, a point of 6 will acquire a grade of C+, Grade point of 7 a grade of B, Grade point of 8 will receive a grade point of B+, a grade point of 9 will receive a Grade of A and finally students who excel with a grade point of 10 will receive a grade of A+.
Once a student completes all the relevant papers within the program and wishes to receive the final complete result for the entire program he or she will be awarded the final result as per the following class or division.
A student with a high point of a CGPA of 9, 9+ will be awarded a class of Distinction. If the student has recorded a final CGPA of 6.5 or more and less than 9, then he will be awarded a First Division. Students who accumulate a CGPA of 5 and less than 6.5 will be classified as Second Division. Finally students who only receive a final CGPA of less than five will not be awarded with a pass status and will be considered as fail.

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